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  • Tricky Conversations Script Bank- Instant Access to 18 Email Scripts That Will Turn Every No Into Yes and Every Maybe Into HELL YES!
  • Persuasion Bag O' Hacks- Instant Access to 19 Trainings & Hacks That Will Make Business Actually Fun
  • Hot Shit Webinars- Instant Access to all TPR Webinar Recordings (16 in total that no one outside The lab has access to)
  • One New Training + One New Script Added Every Month + Any New Free Webinar I will Offer

Let’s bust some myths (and some guru balls while we are at it)

Myth One: You need brain surgery to get people to buy from you

Repeat after Me: THEY LIE! Have you been told that it takes months, even years to master persuasion?

That it takes blood, sweat, tears and a lock of hair from your first-born to get there?

That you get what you put in and therefore should sell your house so that you can afford that uber-expensive coaching program?

I like to call that Booolll Sheeet (BS for short).

There is a shorter, more effective and very affordable way to get people to buy your work, your ideas and even you.

Myth Number Two: Everyone Has to Go Through The Agony of Unsold Offerings & Misery of Unappreciated Talent

You gotta pay your dues right? Wrong.. Dead wrong!

If you take targeted, focused action and follow a prove system, you can omit the mindless panic and the sheer heartache that comes from not knowing, second-guessing and half-assing your way to a successful business.

Myth Number Three: Google Is The Answer To All Your Woes

I know you want to believe this. I did too. Not too long ago, this is how a typical month would go when a new brilliant idea would strike:

1. Get terribly (manically) excited and start planning my retirement in Bahamas.

2. Google the S*&%T out of that S*&%T.

3. Bang head against the wall because Google is a piece of S*&%T and gives you all answers except the one you desperately need!

4. Think about signing up for that program that promises to make you a million dollars in 21 days and possibly restore your virginity!

5. Bang head against the wall because it is just a bunch of warmed-up poop and now you are not just frustrated but also broke!

6. Call neighbors looking for walls to bang head against.

7. Consider faking memory loss every time someone asks you how your “side gig” is coming along.


P.S: I have actually done the faking amnesia thing more times than I would like to admit. It was truly a lightbulb moment when I realized that google has “some” answers but what I really need is structure; templates, checklists, proven scripts!

Borrow My Brain. Sexy Up Your Message. Kick BORING in the Nuts

This is Me and I am Just Like You

Mom (read: forced to work during nap times or school hours) Dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas a minute) Hustler (read: do whatever it takes but don’t want to spend thousands to make hundreds) I am also someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using scientifically proven methods. I have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider Fast Company and 50 other super places on the internet. I went from sub-zero (that's where you have zero clients and zero hopes of ever getting one) to 3,000+ paying clients, $600,000+ in revenue and 15,000+ subscribers in 21 months while working on this only part time…all because I know how to use buyer psychology and because I use proven systems and methods. (ain’t nobody got time for trials and errors)

Here’s A Small Sample Of What’s Inside The Persuasion Hacks Lab

The shortest, most effective methods to get things done in your business, all proven to work 100% of the time

  • Step-by-step checklist, video training & email scripts to revive a dead list so it not only rocks & rolls and also scrambles to your door, beginning you to take their money
  • Mini-training & scripts- 5 steps to remarkably lower unsubscriber rates (involves minor tweaks with massive results)
  • Mini-training, examples & scripts- How to get people to confirm their subscription by making small changes in your copy
  • Mini-training, examples & scripts- how to conceptualize, set up and run a webinar that sells without spending any money on fancy webinar softwares
  • Mini-training, examples & scripts for Home Pages– how to set up your Home page so it attracts your ideal buyer and repels those who will never buy from you
  • Mini-training, examples & scripts for About Pages– 5 hooks you can use to “hook” people on your About Page so they fall in love with you.

Never fumble for the right words ever again. Just Copy.Tweak.Persuade

  • Email Script- Approach influencers for guest blogging opportunities (so they beg you to become a regular)
  • Email Script- Ask someone to collaborate on a joint venture (so they can’t say no)
  • Email Script- Ask clients to send leads, referrals and more cool shizz your way 
  • Email Script- Say No to free work (and pave the way for paid work gracefully & effortlessly)
  • Email Script- Follow up after a free call with class & pizzazand close that sale like a boss
  • Email Script- How to ask people to promote your stuff without sounding like a needy slimeball
  • Email Script- How to ask people to give you killer testimonials (includes the formula I used to get 200+ testimonials in 10 days)
  • Email Script- How to Approach Influencers for InterviewsSo You Get Information + Become Influential By Association
  • Email Script- How to Follow Up With People After Networking Events So You Can Take The Relationship Forward

Behind-the-scenes, never-seen-before (unlike the Kardashian hindquarters) monthly trainings

  • How Ramit Sethi Persuades– What sort of psychological persuasion tactics he uses in his website and general positioning,sales funnels & sales page copies, emails and social media
  • Selling From the Get-Go– How to write the first email after signup so you move their mental needle from “umm this is interesting” to “I want this NOW
  • Crafting Your Webinar Pitch– Understand the four types of webinar registrants and how to craft a pitch that doesn’t even sound like a pitch (I will give you the exact script that you can swipe)
  • Asking for the Sales After a Free Call– Convert a free call into a paying customer by using a template that matches their pain points with your offering instantaneously
  • 400 In 28 Days Webinar– How to Persuade 400+ People to Sign up for Your Paid Membership Site in 28 Days
  • The Pitch Perfect Webinar– How to craft a perfect pitch using the YNS framework
  • 5K Passive Income Webinar– The exact ads, copy & steps that go behind my completely hand-off 5K/month sales funnel

Is that All? Hell No!

Every month I will be adding at a minimum 1 new script + 1-2 new hack + recording of any free webinar that I conduct

  • PDF Downloadable Content

    All trainings come with a downloadable PDFs and worksheets so you can print it and refer to it at all times.

  • 55 Trainings at 45 Cents Per Training

    You get instant access to 55 trainings in the lab and that amounts to 45 cents per training. I challenge you to find anything that’s a better deal than this!

  • Access to The Persuasion Rockstars Community

    Access to The Persuasion Rockstars Community which alone is worth the price because of the hand-holding and ass-kicking that happens there on an hourly basis.

  • No Long Term Contract

    You will be charged monthly for access to the lab and it takes one click to put the subscription on hold.

  • Costs 80 Cents a Day

    You can join PH Lab for less than it costs for a fancy bottle of wine. bonus point, instead of making you feel woozy, it actually inproves clarity and persuasion power.

  • Instant Access to Everything

    Dripping is only for wet laundry and we arent no wet laundry. You get access to all 40+ trainings at once

Get Your Master Key to The PH Lab

You will be charged $24.95 now and then another $24.95 every month as long as you stay a member of The PH Lab. You can cancel any time.

Answers to Your Lingering Fears & Doubts

  • Can I cancel any time?

    I have a one-click cancellation strategy. If you don’t LOVE the lab, I insist that you cancel. Even though it will break my heart, it’ll be best for both of us.

  • Do We Get Access To You?

    In the group every day and each monthly Hot Shit Webinar will have a section at the end where I will answer specific questions that you can share with me ahead of time.
    Also email never goes out of style..

  • How do I Pay for My Master Key?

    You will be asked to register when you click that hot pink button and then you can pay through paypal or your credit card.

  • How Will You Choose What to Add to The Lab?

    Based on your suggestions. Need a script in a pinch, give me a shout out in the group and I will have it up in the Lab.

  • Will it work for me if I am a Buddhist monk, porn artist (insert unusual occupation?)

    Persuasion works in every industry and for all business sizes…yes, even product based businesses. Although if you are a porn artist, perhaps you can teach ME few things….you know for research purposes.

  • Why is it priced so Low?

    Because I made it that way. Because I am a nice person and also because I love you (no really I do even if my resting bitch-face says otherwise…I am a nice loving, generous person who likes to help people…how’s that for modesty?)

  • Why should I buy it? I am kinda busy right now.

    Because I am not offering it at this price (25 bucks for the full 30 days dude!) much longer and also because the sooner you learn the not-so-dark art of persuasion, the better it is for your business and life!

  • Will it work for me if I am a Buddhist monk, porn artist (insert unusual occupation?)

    Persuasion works in every industry and for all business sizes…yes, even product based businesses. Although if you are a porn artist, perhaps you can teach ME few things….you know for research purposes.

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You will be charged $24.95 now and then another $24.95 every month as long as you stay a member of The PH Lab. You can cancel any time.

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P.S: Take a moment to think, really think HARD how much it is costing you every day that you don’t take action. Then compare it to what PH Lab costs. I rest my case!

P.P.S: 10% of all sales are used to feed and educate children in Asia (Pakistan, India & Bangladesh) because social change is the only antidote to poverty, misery & suffering. And it’s hard to bring about change without knowledge or on an empty stomach!

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